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Water, as the key natural resource, is fundamental to all economic, social and environmental development processes. Thus, efficient water resources management is essential for achieving poverty reduction through sustainable water management in irrigated agriculture. Proper irrigation systems can secure uninterrupted agriculture. Irrigation projects play a key role in assuring timely and adequate agricultural water supply apart from other benefits. ICID has taken an initiative to document development of irrigation in the World through irrigation projects. The register will fulfil a much awaited global repository of information in the systematic irrigation and agricultural water management.  the register is being implementing as a collaborative effort of National Committees of ICID and other interested entities dealing with irrigation and drainage. Read More

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Development Context

How to Use The Register

This video presentation describes development context for WIP Register, its main features and its potential for creation of global awareness amongst irrigation community of solutions implemented/ being implemented for the improvement in agriculture water management practices. More videos will be uploaded shortly to explain the various utilities of the web portal and how to use them. The portal is under continual growth and you will continue to find more about the utilities being provided by following us. For any additional details do not hesitate to contact us at and visit us at

Please download the document for a detailed explanation of all the fields of the register and how to fill them up.
Detailed explanations

If you would like to enter the data offline, you can use a worksheet to fill the required data and later send the same to ICID where we will be happy to upload the data on web portal.
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A slide show of images pertaining to registered irrigation projects

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